"MUNCHIES" - The Reuben Sandwich

New to our plant based Lunch menu in 2019 is a real family favourite. We wanted to re create our own version of the classic New York Reuben Sandwich.

This recipe represents our own style with a touch of island life served on speciality sourdough from our friends over at Farin, The Plant based Deli beef, sauerkraut & in house secret sauce were made for each other. Yes, there's the aroma of pickling spice and mustard, but there's something about the scent of Plant “beef” that makes it a guilt free exception when it comes to that “treat yourself” kind of moment. Perfectly tender & drizzling in our melted secret sauce. We are super stoked with the outcome. A massive thanks to our creator Dom Hammonds assisted by Chef Zeven. Come on down to the Supershop and order it NOW. We promise you wont be disappointed.

thomas edwardsComment