Peloton Supershop is about that full life, Join us as we take the leap into the world of plant Based cuisine.


Mentawais, ID

The Beginning


Thomas was born into a family with a large history of Cycling, With his Father Mark Edwards & Late Uncle, Phillip Edwards riding the professional circuit in the early 70’s. He wanted to share his lifestyle of fresh food & love of cycling & create something people could be apart of internationally.

Madison was born and raised in Bali, and has always harboured a burning desire to create. Dabbling in everything from business to art direction and eventually, producing. She has always held a sacred and strong bond with people and the environment. When she met Thomas, she knew that he was the perfect person to start a fresh and unique business venture with.


Bali, ID

The First Venture


After finding the perfect space, Thomas & Madison took a leap of faith and opened Peloton Supershop, Their first plant based restaurant in Bali, Indonesia. Using simple, locally sourced seasonal ingredients, They were able to bring the fun & luxury of plant based meals to all. Incorporating some of the Islands best and most loved flavours Madison’s mother Rhonda had inspired in her, Peloton Supershop was both a huge success and a unique contribution to Bali’s Plant Based culinary landscape.